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The Rock & Waterscape International reputation has been distinguished, respected, and in demand since 1975, and has successfully performed and progressed across the United States and throughout the world.  We are a collection of operating subsidiaries that provide design and construction services for themed environments, rock, and water features. We have become the premier provider of high-quality coral, artifacts, and natural-looking artificial environments.

We have developed many of the techniques that are commonplace in the industry today.  We continue to innovate the fabrication and installation of artificial features and their transition to natural elements on each project and every site.  Our clients include gaming casinos, world renowned golf courses, hotels and resorts, theme parks, public and private aquariums, palaces and luxury residences, zoological parks, commercial and industrial developments, municipalities, and film, television, and entertainment venues all over the world.

The success of our company is equal parts imagination, information, innovation, accountability, and hard work. We operate under the premise of never holding anything back.  Our goal is to bring your vision to life.

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